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limeduck solutions is your full-service marketing plumbing contractor.

Professional Stock Photo actor. Do not attempt.David Karp (not pictured at left) founded limeduck solutions to fill the need for effective, practical, down-to-earth marketing for growing companies. He has held senior marketing roles at firms such as Ipswitch, FirstGiving, and Currensee. He holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and lives in Harlem with an archivist, a cat, and too many books. If you must, you can follow him on Twitter*, or view his riveting LinkedIn profile.

* limeduck Twitter activity is suspended during the term of the 45th president; follow @protect__defend instead.

The limeduck Formula for Marketing Success

Clean My Pipes!


No. We are as serious as an overflowing septic tank. The internet is a series of tubes, and your marketing and sales process is a series of funnels, so we figured that plumbing was a good metaphor. After all, if the plumbing in your house isn't working right, not a lot else matters till you get that fixed. Marketing Plumbing Contracting is all about clean pipes, effective funnels, and time-saving automation.

We're known for attention to detail, and we give 110%.

It's seldom necessary to actually come on-premises, but we can do it, especially for project kick-off and wrap-up, or training your team to use your shiny new marketing pipes. Travel outside our comfort zone (New York City, Greater Boston, and Boulder) may incur additional expense.

Certifiable, maybe, but we're probably not officially certified. Taking tests and joining partner programs just takes time away from solving client problems.

Believe it or not, most of our customers are still in business. We can connect you with a happy client closest to your kind of business.

Most projects are billed on time and materials, but we have some fixed-price packages and some projects are priced by database size. Check out our specials or get in touch for a consultation and quote.

No, but the good people at BlueSky Branding sure do! Tell them we sent you and they'll take extra good care of you.

Maybe. Do you have what it takes to be a journeyman or apprentice marketing plumber? Send your resume and the craziest Excel function you've ever created, and we'll talk.

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