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Fair use of photos: a no-pin situation?

It's the eve of the Facebook IPO, a few weeks after the Instagram sale, and I'm still trying to figure out Pinterest.  Is it three syllables or two?  But seriously, what does a wildly-popular site built on appropriating other peoples' images mean for content creators? I don't often google myself but in the wake of the…
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Geek note: hip to be square with Ricoh digital

If you have an eye for this sort of thing, you may have noticed that many of the photographs featured here on limeduck are square, having a width to height ratio of 1:1. Not all of them, but lots of them, and more recently, nearly all of them. We all know that I either take…
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Globe Corner Blog, BUR Geotagging, Cocktails in Liminal Spaces

As I contemplate driving 500 miles or so this weekend - more than I've driven in a month so far this year, I believe - my mind meanders back to cartographic matters. A random roundup of mappy clippings: I. The Globe Corner Bookstore has a Blog. I've been an unrepentant fan of GCB for as…
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