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Play to your strengths

Top search terms for this blog, largely in order, lightly curated, in haiku form: Babka, Bialy, Square car, Linkedin API, Ferris wheel at night. Murphy bed, Fisheye camera, Man bag, Blackboards, Sfogliatelle. Wine with fried chicken, Scrabble, Limeduck, Shrubbery, Pig cake, Map pillows. If you have the misfortune to land here from a search engine…
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Snowball is an eight letter word

After last month's haiku spree, I was intrigued to discover - via BoingBoing - the Chaterism, a form of constrained poetry thusly defined: Snowball (also called a Chaterism): A poem in which each line is a single word, and each successive word is one letter longer. One of the constrained writing techniques utilised by the Oulipo (Workshop of Potential Literature). This, I thought, makes haiku…
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