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Brief chapters in the story of the end of paper

You're probably not reading this on paper.  I didn't write it on paper.  At some point in the future, paper will probably be as outmoded as real parchment - the kind made from split animal skin - is today, used mainly for antique forgeries, art projects and torah scrolls.  Not that I would equate this…
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Year end countdown and the end of paper?

Yep, it's December again.  There's no possibility of escaping holiday muzak anymore.  The threat of snow is in the air. And it's time to get to work on my new year card. For reasons I can't really explain anymore, every year for about 15 years I have designed, produced and mailed a new year card…
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The Last Stamps I'll Ever Make My Mother Buy?

As a follow-on to recent discussion about the paper accoutrements of pre-digital life, I sent my mother to the post office in the freezing cold to buy me 100 self-adhesive stamps today for my new year cards.  OK, she was going anyway and I did give her money and it really wasn't that cold, but…
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