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Macedonia to Catalonia in one night

Holiday weeks can be longer and shorter at the same time.  I spent a couple of days in New York City with family and returned to full-bore autumn and a brief but intense two-day work week.  Celebrating exceptional September results, half the company headed off to Sabur for drinks and apps. We enjoyed a bottle…
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Red sauce season

What the Fluff? was postponed due to rain, so naturally we headed off to East Boston to a red sauce joint we'd never visited before, Rino's place.  Wouldn't you?  The party was joined by several members of the Josephine crew, Chef J (whose issues with red sauce are well documented), professor J and probably somebody…
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Open season

Last week I had a pleasant meal at Rendezvous in Central Square, a place that has reliably seasonal menus and art on the walls.  I was feeling a bit less than 100% so I chose the vegetable bollito misto (a Piedmontese boiled dinner, this one featuring polenta, fava beans, cheese and mushrooms) even though I…
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