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Fluid dynamics and coffee shop aesthetics

The air at street level was crisp but still.  At higher altitudes, something was definitely happening. It looks almost calligraphic, and reminds me a bit of the yud-shaped building at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. It also reminds me that there's abundant beauty in natural, random phenomena.  Who needs fancy latte art when…
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Waiting for the moment of squish at the ICA

I finally addressed a shameful gap in my Boston art-peeping by visiting the ICA's (not so) new South Boston space with intrepid museum buddy L. We had heard from some that the architecture was better than any of the art contained inside, but we found things to like both inside and out. The Institute of…
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Ski and Sky

As a photographer, sometimes you have to try new angles and perspectives to keep your vision fresh. As a person, sometimes you have to try new things to expand your horizons. This weekend, at the urging of A and L, I tried cross-country skiing. It afforded me many new opportunities to look up at the…
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