Stoked for pies that r round

Stoked for pies that r round

One of the small upsides to a torrential rain at lunchtime is that there’s nearly zero line at the food trucks. Finding myself at Dewey square in the company of old favorites Bon Me and Mei Mei, I opted for the as yet untried (by me) Stoked Wood Fired Pizza...

Bus Stop Followup, still no PARK(ing)

It’s been well over a year since the MBTA decommissioned a pair of bus stops near limeduck world HQ, and the space is still vacant. They finally removed the bus stop sign, but there’s still a no parking sign. No car parking, bike parking, no EV charging,...

Farnsworthy Scone at Flour

At Flour Bakery in Fort Point, a worthy savory scone: super buttery with just a bit of heat from some well-placed chile pepper bits, subtly cheesy, beautifully layered and flaky.