I’m on the verge of being halfway through Tangyslice’s insane quest for social media greatness. I scraped together a few more sites that I was already signed up for and added a few here and there, and my total appears to stand at 49. I’m getting into the long tail, or in some cases, the stuff that drops out from under the long tail. It’s always hard to know what’s going to catch on, but half these sites appear to add absolutely no value. Here are twenty more social media type sites waiting for the bubble to burst.

  1. friendfeed – As Tangyslice would say, YAA (Yet Another Aggregator); I would call it YANVAA (Yet Another No-Value-Added Aggregator)
  2. Get Satisfaction – “People Powered Customer Service for Absolutely Everything” – watch this one, there could be something here. I like power to the people.
  3. going.com – People I might run into and places I might go. Mash this up with something geocoded and mobile and maybe we’ll talk.
  4. grono.net – “one of the biggest web communities in Poland” – the English version is incompletely translated so I ended up saying I was in Białystok. Go figure.
  5. HelloTxt – One of several sites (see also Ping.FM and their oh-so-exclusive beta) that exist only to push your drivel into deeper crevices of the internet.
  6. hi5 -Maybe wants to be facebook when it grows up, but happy to sell ads till then. *yawn*
  7. identi.ca -I have to go to Canada and declare all my microdrivel under creative commons? Why?
  8. istockphoto – If a stock photo site wants to become a social media site, don’t you think they should let you upload your own avatar picture and resize it for you?
  9. Kiva – Another really good site that’s adding social media for no particular reason. The important connection here is between lenders and borrowers, isn’t it?
  10. kwippy – Why? Why??
  11. Last.FM – Maybe if it were Last.DK I would be as excited by this as Tangy is. Give me my geek-fan podcasts any day.
  12. MyBlogLog – YAA. Probably YANVAA, but I can’t figure out all the bells and whistles.
  13. Netvibes – OK, it’s nicer than my google hompage. But my google homepage is my google homepage.
  14. newsvine – Oddly, I’ve been a member of this site for a long time. I don’t remember signing up, or why.
  15. Profilactic – YAA supporting 186 sites. One Hundred and Eighty Six.
  16. Socialthing! – YANVAA! But at least the little mascot critter has cute googly eyes, not a bone where its head should be.
  17. soup.io – YANVAA.io
  18. trig -“A community for creative people with images, blogs, music, trends, etc. Yeah, we could say all that. But what we really imagine is a place where people like their music loud, their opinions edgy and their life brave.” Keep imagining. The loud edgy people are on myspace.
  19. wis.dm – The site that asks, “can you live without Starbucks?” I’m not sure but I bet I can live without wis.dm.
  20. YouTube – You can tune into the limeduck channel. Don’t you feel special?

See the first 29 networks in my catalog here.