I’m writing this on April 16th, the day after the bombings, but I’m setting it to publish 60 days later, on June 14. There’s a lot of great reporting today (April) about how nice everyone is being and how many relief efforts are underway. One thing I heard on the radio is that the blood banks are full – for now. The need for blood is ongoing and although it can be saved for a few weeks, it’s ultimately perishable. The Red Cross says you can donate whole blood every 8 weeks (56 days) so I figure right about now (June) is a good time. I suspect the random acts of kindness are petering out and the rage and grief are receding. I hope there have been no more large-scale events since and I hope they caught whoever did it, but make no mistake, the need for help goes on. You’ve all got your own ways to make a difference, but if you need a suggestion, here’s a link to the Red Cross blood donation page.