I’ve been wanting to write a post or do something with that title for a while.  I just like the sound of it.  Almost any comparison of the high speed trains in Asia, Europe and the USA leaves the Americans looking like amateurs, but the Acela Express has cut the NYC-Boston run down by more than half an hour, and that’s with pretty much the same tracks. 200+ miles in 3 and a half hours isn’t bad. The average speed of almost 60 miles an hour including stops means that it must be going over 70 in some stretches.

Taking the train between Boston and New York City – South Station and Penn Station – usually provides for some needed downtime for thinking and relaxing. This time it brought a minor creative breakthrough. I was playing around with the intervalometer and continuous shooting modes on my new digital camera (I’m sure it’ll get a whole post of its own soon enough) and started shooting out the window. I like the variable motion blur and the general randomness of the scenes. This collage is not in chronological order but is arranged vaguely thematically. I sat on the inland side of the train (usually I prefer the coastal side for the scenery) which also meant that arranging the photos in chronological order would put them in reverse journey order. Maybe I’ll get it right on the return trip.

Acela Express 2253

In other news, I posted this image to the PRC’s new Flickr Pool, New England Survey, which coincides with the gallery show of the same name.  Check them both out at your earliest convenience.