No-snowed out of snow shoeing, I took a walk with L about five miles from Harvard Square to the Boston Common, by way of the Harvard bridge and the Howard Yezerski Gallery, where we saw a fun show called “Inside the Box, A Diorama Exhibition Curated by George Fifield & Phaedra Shanbaum” (don’t be afraid, step on the pedal, it’s worth it!) but the real gems were the delicious Daewoud Bey Polaroids from his Class Pictures series in Yezerski’s back room.  Another hidden gem of the Newbury Street gallery scene is the collection of mostly black and white photos adorning the Banana Republic store at #28.  Don’t miss the Eric Lewandowski triptych on the ground floor.


Wintry clouds scumble
the sky over chic boutiques.
Sunset on the Newb.