Venturing out yesterday, I spotted this sign on a Cambridge pole.  Given the snowy weather, it must have been recently posted.  As much as I appreciate the stylish typography, it’s a little hard to read, so I’ll copy the copy here.

Moustaches for All

Whether you’re growing a moustache for Moustache March or currently sport one – herald the right style!

Moustache consultant services

– Appeals to your unique sensibilities

– Assists in finding the right fit, shape and design for the individual bearer

– Proudly exhibity your refined taste, whimsical fancies and gentlemanly* demeanor

5¢ connsultations

And here’s a closeup of the footnote and the number to call is you need your ‘stache tuned up:

There’s not much you can get for a nickel these days, I’ll say that.