I began April with a simple mission: eat at every food truck at Government Center.   I figured it would take about two and a half weeks, but now, 30 days into April, it appears that I will fall short of the mark, mainly because two of the scheduled trucks never showed up. Here’s a rundown on what I’ve learned and eaten by day of the week at Government Center:


Anthony’s Catering:  One of the slowest trucks with the absolute worst sound system, but the food is just too good to pass up if you’ve got the time to wait.  Check out Bill’s favorite, the meatloaf sandwich on a croissant with cheese.

Dining Car: A solid contender with friendly service and good food, but I’m still seeking the sweet spot here.  More research and a full write-up coming soon.

Go Fish: Get the fish n chips or the salmon rollup or the sliders, there are lots of great choices here, and they have an impressive sauce bar.


M&M Ribs: Showing up is a big part of a food truck business.  M&M did not.

Savory Food Truck: The ur food truck. Good not great Chinese food served fast. Dependable.

The Froyo Truck: A small little truck focused on doing one thing and doing it well.  But I’m still waiting for the waffles.


Boston Speed Dogs: No shows for April. Very disappointing, but Dining Car has kielbasa and lots of hot dog stands are just a block away.

Chubby Chickpea: Classic falafel and shawarma.

Staff Meal: My pick for best of show.  Two guys, one truck.  Fast service, a regularly changing menu and the best sound system of all the trucks.


Bon Me: A returning fave with a simple menu and a great sandwich.

Paris Creperie: One of the longest waits but arguably worth it.  Also has a nice breakfast menu including l’alternative.

Staff Meal: As if I didn’t love them enough, they come twice a week.  Also, chicken skin!


Clover: Possibly the progenitor of the current food truck thing, these folks serve up some great vegetarian options, massive popovers, and, of course, crypto-falafel. Highly recommended.

Grilled Cheese Nation: A little on the thin side but ya gotta have grilled cheese, right?

Lobsta Love: I gave myself a pass on this one cuz I don’t dig on crustacean.  It’s all too zoidbergian for me, but maybe I’ll give it a try in the name of science sometime later.

In general, the trucks each have a sweet spot, a signature dish or sandwich that’s the thing to get.  I say stick to the core competencies and the moral center of the menu board, at least until you get bored or adventurous.

So what’s next?  A little additional research at some of the trucks, maybe a dip in the lobster pound, and I’ll be monitoring the situation for the no-shows to return.  Soon enough the windswept plain of City Hall Plaza will be sun-baked and uninhabitable and I’ll be back to eating out of tupperware in my air-conditioned office. Until then, I suggest you get out at lunch and see the world.