What is the alternative to the alternative?  Is it the same old thing?  Well, after making such a fuss last week about a breakfast sandwich from the crepe truck, my bluff was called on Friday by the presence of the Grilled Cheese Nation truck.  If they can’t make a knock your socks off cheese sandwich, who can?

I’m still looking for the answer to that one.  A great grilled cheese sandwich is not necessarily a great cheese sandwich. I ordered mine with bacon, about $7 with a bottle of water.  (A relative bargain in food truck terms, but I suspect many will be left hungry after just one such sandwich.)  GCN clearly has their basics down.  It’s grilled just right, buttery on the outside, pressed enough to hold together, cheese melty and gooey but not scalding, lots of options both classic and nouveau.  The cheese?  The menu calls it “Aged Mild Vermont Cheddar”, but it’s so mild as to be almost invisible, and in stingy amounts, it’s Davis Square all over again.  GCN delivers a really nice classic grilled cheese sandwich but they just don’t deliver the cheese experience I’m seeking.