If you haven’t been lately, it’s about time you visited Gallery Kayafas. It’s about time that you visited because the current shows on view are closing in a bit more than a week. Also, both of the major shows are about time, even more so than the way every photograph is.

In one gallery, there are a number of Daniel Ranali’s Snail Drawings. Ranali gathers small snails on the beach and arranges them in simple patterns, a line, a circle, a spiral, and takes a photo, the first half of a diptych. Then, some time later, he makes the second half by shooting the scene again, revealing the paths the snails had made in the wet sand as they escaped their imposed order and went about their snaily business.

Snail Drawing by Daniel Ranali Walden, 16th Walk, by Stefan Hagen

On the other side of the gallery is work by Stefan Hagen from several of his projects, mostly his “crossings” series. Hagen walks, drives, and boats around significant sites with the camera shutter open for minutes or hours or maybe longer. The results are more coherent than I would have guessed – mistakable at a distance for a conventional landscape – but still completely dream-like, short on specificity and long on feeling.

Also on view, “Ten Small Prints” including work by Berenice Abbott, Anonymous, Harry Callahan, Susan Derges, Harold Edgerton, Peter Kayafas, Helen Levitt, John Pfahl, Aaron Siskind, and Ralph Steiner. I suggest you bundle up and head on over before the shows come down on January 18.