truegroundbut it’s awfully nice nonetheless.  I’m sitting in True Grounds coffeehouse after an excellent breakfast at Sound Bites with Prof. M, passing time and blogging while waiting for Somerville Open Studios to open their doors.  Sound Bites offered up a satisfying classic eggs and friends breakfast, with a slab of mashed potatoes standing in for hash browns or home fries.  At True Grounds, I had a spinach feta croissant (the closest thing to a savory scone on offer) and an Arnold Palmer.

This year is the 11th SOS, and I’m overwhelmed by the list of 109 locations, many of which have several artists.  In the past, I’ve gravitated to the large studio buildings like Vernon Street or Brickbottom, to get maximum exposure in a small space, but this year, I’m thinking of taking on a smaller area, such as Ball Square, and visiting most or all of the studios in the neighborhood.