It was like a glorious summer day – in San Francisco – as I braved the wind-swept plain of Boston City Hall Plaza for another truck lunch. All three scheduled trucks were in attendance, Compliments, Boston’s Baddest Burger, and newcomer Lilian’s Smokin’ Rack BBQ.

Lilian's Smokin' Rack BBQ

I ordered the pulled pork slider and a side of baked beans. The food came out almost instantly, which I guess shouldn’t be a surprise, though it’s often not the case with newer food truck operations, so that’s a good sign.

When I opened the obligatory styrofoam clamshell, my first thought was, “white bread? really?” since that’s what the slider was embedded in. But when I picked it up, the bread turned out to have some needed strength (and a bit of sourdough flavor), and since the BBQ was dry rub not saucy, it all held together well. ¬†That said, I really think of a slider as coming on a bun of some sort.

The BBQ pork was dry rubbed, mostly moist and occasionally crispy, not spicy but very flavorful. It was more than filling for $4, I have to wonder if I got the full sandwich size by accident, that would explain the bread, too. The baked beans (with pork) were hot and smoky, just what the windy April day demanded. I could have gone for a larger portion but could hardly complain for $2.

Lilian’s is a welcome addition to the truck scene and already a contender in the BBQ truck category.