Best sandwich from a pasta shop in a tunnel

Everybody's the best at something, if you define the category right, but that should take nothing away from the excellence of this sandwich from DePasquale's Homemade Pasta Shoppe in, or perhaps below, Boston's North End.

the soda, the sandwich

Since it is really a pasta shop(pe), it's not that surprising that DePasquale's has only two sandwiches on the menu (unlike Dave's Fresh Pasta where sandwiches have taken center stage) and that menu is actually a small chalkboard almost hidden by the scales.  The Panino is prosciutto, tomato, fresh mozzarella and an herby olive oil on some crusty rustic bread.  All made to order.  Add in a overdyed blood orange soda and you've got lunch for one and a half for less than ten bucks.  If we ever do a North End Cheese Sandwich Smackdown, this will be a contender, for sure.

In the process of checking up on DePasquale's to provide the link above, I noticed something odd about DePasquale's address in Google Maps and Street View.  Sure, it's not uncommon for the Goog' to be a block or two off with an address, especially in the older parts of town, but in this case, the 2-D online maps are stymied by a 3-D situation: the submerged I-93 runs more or less beneath the street above, and Google is a little mixed up between them.  Observe the street view on nearby Hanover...

Street view, so far so good...

...but when you try to look at Cross street or to zoom in...

Pasta shoppe in a tunnelle

So next time you're stuck in traffic on 93 under Boston, imagine you're driving up to a deli takeout window.

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  1. DePasquale Publicist
    Thanks for the shout out - love your blog!
  2. ONLY YOU would find something like this!! lol Very funny...
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