First Sunday each month
Boston Media Makers
at Doyle’s in JP.

This April only
It was the second Sunday
to keep us alert.

I brought my netbook,
hipster PDA and cards.
What’s with the mermaid?


Lots of great people,
some serious geeking out.
Here are some highlights:

Rachel Levy was
laid off but is too busy
working to find work.

Quiver and Quill hosts
Rubber Chicken Social Club
I approve, of course.

Boston Tweetup is
a list of Boston Tweetups
in handy G-cal!

David Tames’ site has lots
of cinema links.

Ben Atlas has deep
thoughts on networking and wants
more wider hallways.

Reiko’s Geek Girl Camp
sounds like fun, also good for
non-techy women.

Robin Maxfield has
a video show that is
sort of, um, edgy.

Thanks to Steve Garfield
for organizing again.
Matzo balls should sink.