I had it all planned out. In observance of Cheese Weasel Day, I would have lunch at Roxy’s Grilled Cheese truck at City Hall Plaza. As it turned out, Roxy was priorly engaged so the choice came down to Paris Creperie and the Chicken and Rice Guys. CNR had scary teeth on their truck and a long line so I went to Paris.

The Chicken and Rice Guys, cash only The menu at Paris Creperie

I ordered the Kale’in it! despite the cutesy name, because #kale, and promptly took the LevelUp reader offline.

The Kale'in It! at Paris Creperie

The Kale’in it! contains chicken with a little spice, kale, parmesan, and garlic aioli. The chic paris stamp rubbed off on my hand but I didn’t care.

There #kale in it!

Honestly I don’t remember Paris Crepes being this good last year. The spice on the chicken was perfectly matched with the cheese, the kale still had some crunch, the crepe was thin and still a little wet on the inside, it was the total package, and unlike many food truck meals, it wasn’t padded out with an absurd side of rice or slaw or packed in a noxious styrofoam clamshell.

Viva la food trucks!