Compliments all around

Yesterday the good folks at the Compliments food truck seem to have decided it was their duty to dispense compliments to their patrons. It certainly brightened my day. I got "hey, I really like your sunglasses" (they're Warby Parkers, and it's like looking through an Instagram filter all the time!) and the gent behind me was told he was "a beautiful man" even though or perhaps because he ordered the last focaccia.


I chose the grilled cheese with tomato because it seemed like the right thing to do and because I remembered the tuna melt I got from this truck last season was superb. I was not disappointed. It was a wonderfully toasted sandwich on good bread with good cheese. The tomato was just ok but it didn't diminish the totality of the sandwich. Tomato is always a tricky element of a grilled cheese sandwich because it can be slippery, causing the sandwich halves to drift like tectonic plates. But I digress.


At the last minute I also ordered the fried cauliflower, though I'm a bit skeptical of the "too fresh" moniker. I like cauliflower almost any way except overcooked, and I'm now prepared to say that fried with sea salt and some spices is a very good way to have cauliflower. Crispy from the frying but not crunchy from the cauliflower, which was cooked just enough. Highly recommended.


Compliments to the chef!

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