The 2013 Food Truck Season is in full swing at City Hall Frozen Wind Tunnel Plaza. Yesterday I visited the new (to me) Compliments Food Truck, which is billed (or blackboarded) as “New to Boston” “Kinda Earthy Crunchy” and “Run on Veggie Fuel.”

The menu was nice and simple, just how I like them, with three sandwiches and three sides, all loaded with locally sourced ingredients. I had the Sea Ya Later tuna melt (sorry, I can’t use the cutesy names) and You’re So Fresh fried sweet onion.


The tuna melt was spot-on, not overstuffed, with good cheese and not too much mayo in the tuna. The bread was exceptional: hearty, crusty, very nicely grilled. If the grilled cheese sandwich is anything like this, the full-time grilled cheese trucks might need to up their games.


I didn’t really know what to expect from the fried onion, I was probably imagining either rings or some form of bloomin’ onion.   What I got was a helping of almost candy-sweet onions, a little oily but nicely fried balancing between crispy and mushy.

Compliments to the chef, I say.

For those of you – like me – who are continually unsure of the difference between compliment and complement, here is the estimable Grammar Girl’s quick mnemonic:

I like to give compliments.

That is to say, compliment with an “I” is the one that means saying something nice about somebody, or in the case of “with our compliments” it means giving something for free.  Complement with an “E” means something that goes well with or completes something else, and also a full set or crew.

For those of you – like me – who are frequently unsure of the difference between continual and continuous

Continuous is constant and unceasing, like the flow of a river.

Continual is consistently repeated but may include breaks, like the flow of pedantic grammar notes from that jerk at the office.

Disclosure: I did not receive any complimentary food in the course of writing this post.