As I mentioned, in Japan there seems to be a lot more interest in dark chocolate among the common people than in the USA. Dark chocolate versions of candy bars, both domestic and imported, are common. This is a good thing. Kit Kat, one of the most international candy bars with many variations, comes in two dark varieties in Japan:

As is typical of dark matter, the darker variety of Kit Kat is also smaller and rarer. The darker side of the Japanese dark chocolate business is that they are tolerant if not outright supportive of that charade known as “white chocolate.” And that were not enough, there’s even green chocolate:

Green tea chocolate, to be precise. I’m happy to report the actual article is not quite as “camouflage” looking, but unfortunately it tastes enough like green tea to be bitter and enough like white chocolate to be cloying, and not really at all like actual chocolate or green tea. There are many peculiar fruity variants available. Visit the Japanese Kit Kat store site for the gory details.

VanK, if you’re reading, I do have to point out that a box of Exotic Hokkaido Milk at each place setting would look quite smart at the wedding. Drop me a line soon if you want me to pick any up.

What’s “Crunky,” you ask? Well, that’s probably the subject of a whole other post (so what will I call that post??), but you can start here and then here (items 2+3) to begin to understand the nature of crunkiness.