Seeking to avoid getting chugged in Davis Square and looking for a new lunch spot, @tangyslice and I stopped at Dave’s Fresh Pasta for lunch yesterday.  Dave’s is a great source for all kinds of gourmet goodies, from wine and cheese to as you might expect, fresh pasta.  They also carry fresh bread, olive oils, sauces and all manner of imported and artisanal goodies.  And they make pretty impressive sandwiches, including rustic sandwiches, panini, wraps and, our choice, the Cubano.

The Cubano is a classic sandwich with many local incarnations, including those from Chez Henri, Sam Lagrassa, Izzy’s Sub Shop, and LexxJulia found a Cubano at Bukowski’s and also offers up a recipe for Chez Henri’s version.

Dave’s fresh Cubano was delicious and generous in size.  We shared one and were pretty satisfied.  The pickles were large and crunchy, possibly house-made.  The meats were tender, and the cheese engaging without being overpowering.  The sauce, wasn’t tangy enough for Sir Slice but suited me just fine, even though a big glob of it oozed through a large air bubble in the excellent bread.

Tangy opines that Sam Lagrassa’s example is the pinnacle of the art, and that if Sam’s is a 10, Dave served up an 8.5.  I haven’t tried Sam’s but am very willing to do the necessary primary research.