Davis square cheese sandwich quandary: twice the space, half the cheese

Blue Shirt Cafe recently expanded Eastward into the space between them and Snappy Sushi, probably doubling their total square footage while increasing the dining seating perhaps fivefold. But there's still not that much cheese in their cheese sandwiches.

I had the Little Italy, with tomatoes, roasted red peppers, pesto, provolone and balsamic on focaccia. I know, it's not actually billed as a cheese sandwich, but a single slice of provolone isn't much, and it's one of the mildest cheeses out there. The tomatoes and peppers were plentiful, maybe even overly generous, and the pesto was mild.  The focaccia was well-grilled but could have been oiled a little more.  An all-around nice sandwich, but nothing super-special, and certainly not the cheese sandwich experience I've been seeking.

On the plus side, Blue Shirt is now offering free wifi. Until a worthier cheese sandwich makes itself known, this is a afwully good lunchtime blogging hideaway. And they have their own private label orange soda.  How cool is that?

PS, In other insufficiently cheesy news, I've just become aware of Jeff Cutler's blog and podcast Bowl of Cheese which I'm sorry to report is not hardly about cheese at all.  But it's still worth a look and a listen.  And I'm not just saying that because Jeff gave me a USB coffee warmer from the cyberposeurs at the Cyberposium.

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  1. pipa
    Boy! It is amazing how even Blue Shirt Cafe on Davis looks good in your picture.
  2. speaking of cheese... i just dicovered this great cheese company in ny city http://www.saxelbycheese.com/. they deal in only us cheese and yes they have more then just yellow/orange stuff in a tube. they also ship to you. i just recieved a random bunch of 5 cheeses and all were excellent. i think i will have some shipped to me french freinds.
  3. Ed
    For good cheese, go regional. We've got some of the best cheeses in the US right here in New England. Vermont Butter & Cheese Company, for example. A-mazing stuff.

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