Davis square cheese sandwich smackdown keeps smacking

The great Davis Square Cheese Sandwich battle got a little more interesting this week as second-place finisher Blue Shirt Cafe struck back at weakened champion Diesel Cafe.  Diesel had won handily with the Branch Trio, but then took it off their menu, retiring undefeated as it were.  But if you were persistent and lucky, you could still get a Branch Duo.  Now, at Blue Shirt, which by the way is about to expand and double their space, I have discovered a new contender:  Lili's Lunch.

Officially, Lili's Lunch is avocado, swiss, cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, and sundried tomato spread
grilled on your choice of bread.  I chose whole wheat and substituted cheddar.  I give Lili high marks for grilling the sandwich and for tomatoes and the salty sundried spread.  In the minus column goes the feeble bright orange cheddar (maybe I should have stuck with the swiss) and as with Granny & Jack, the too-thick sliced cucumbers, which make the whole sandwich difficult to eat.  Blue Shirt also wins on price, with Lili's Lunch weighing in at under $6 compared to $7.50 or more at Diesel.

Given the difficult circumstances of comparing a sandwich you can get with one that you can't, I have to call this one a tie for now.  Clearly, more research is required.

3 Responses

  1. Awesome! And helpful too. :)
  2. I love me some Diesel, but damn if Blue Shirt isn't always cheaper. That looks totally delish.
  3. Time to hit up the Burren for the Farmer's lunch. That's truly a cheese sandwich. Dirt cheap, and actually quite tasty.
  4. [...] Blue Shirt Cafe recently expanded Eastward into the space between them and Snappy Sushi, probably doubling their total square footage while increasing the dining seating perhaps fivefold. But there’s still not that much cheese in their cheese sandwiches. [...]
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