It happened again.  I got asked for directions.  So what, you ask?  Well, I was in London, where as you may know, I do not live, or even visit all that often.  In fact, I had been in London fewer than 24 hours when I got asked, and was in the middle of the not very English act of jaywalking.  Indeed, I was at the precise moment when I was asked for directions, lost.

Woman with English accent:  “Pardon me, do you know where the British Museum is?”

Me (best American accent, hammed up a bit): “Lady, I don’t even know where I am.”

This happens to me a lot at home and on the road – it’s even happened in Asia – and I often wonder why.  Do I look especially trustworthy or knowledgeable?  How could I look like a native in so many different places?  I must have somewhere along the line lost my New York City “I’m walking here, don’t bother me” mojo.

If you find it, please tell me where it is.  I may need directions to find it.