I woke up early Sunday hoping to catch one more day of decent weather this Fall and headed out to the DeCordova museum’s sculpture park, which is open dawn till dusk even when the museum is not.  (and there’s no charge to enter the park when the museum is closed) Last year around this time, I took a ramble on a cloudless sunny day with great foliage still on the trees and took lots of photos looking upwards.  This year, I was a week or two too late for foliage, and it was rather overcast and soggy.  So I turned my gaze downward and found some patterns and colors of interest.

This is a first for me, embedding a flickr sideshow.  The fades work to emphasize the thirds.  I like that you can change the size and the aspect ratio of the flash embed.  Obviously, mine is square. If you click through to my flickr stream, understand that it’s more storage space than gallery for me.  Only the photos on this blog are officially endorsed by me for viewing.  Please remember that both my photos on this blog and those on flickr are protected by copyright.

I know, I didn’t photograph any of the wonderful sculptures in the park.  I cetainly did enjoy them, but you should go see them for yourselves.  For the purposes of this post, I took pleasure in a quiet walk and noticing patterns in the built and natural environments.