My mancrush favorite artist working the medium of inflatable ducks, Florentijn Hofman, has brought his giant inflatable duck to Hong Kong harbor, a place that is also special to me. Apparently many welcomed their new rubber duckie overlord.

Pretty much the usual crowd (apart from the duck) at Harbour City!

The 54 foot high duck brought its usual brand of whimsy and good will to the people of Hong Kong, but apparently caused some alarm when a scheduled maintenance deflation caused some concern to duck viewers. Quoth the BBC,

The giant bird, … was found lying on its side on Tuesday night and was completely flat by Wednesday, reports say.

The Wall Street Journal gets extra points for making a hedcut of the duck and quotes a source close to the collapsed canard:

Harbour City said the duck was being deflated for a routine inspection and repairs after exposure to heavy waves in the harbor.

The photos of the deflation are too much to bear posting here so I’ll let you click through above if you must. If this is anything other than scheduled maintenance, to the duck deflators I say: you’ll take away my inflatable duck when you dredge it from the cold dead harbor floor. The duck lives on inside of everybody who’s ever seen it, even just in pictures.