Following up on the five things I won’t miss about Davis, here are five that will keep me coming back:

Dave’s Fresh Pasta: there are lots of fine lunching establishments around here, even though not one serves the idealized cheese sandwich, but Dave’s is special.  Besides the awesome selection of grilled sandwiches (my faves include the cubano and the muffaleta), Dave’s has an excellent wine section, a wonderful cheese case, an impressive deli, and oddly enough I’ve never even tried the fresh pasta.

The lunch special at Dragon Garden: yes, I know this place looks suspect at best, but they dish up a ma po tofu lunch special that’s $5 with soup and a can of soda.  There’s something comforting about this sort of thing, and it helps lower your center of gravity in the winter.  I also enjoy their general gau chicken and tofu.

Coffee: Davis has at least three major coffee streams: Dunkin, Starbucks and independent Diesel.  I enjoy the latter two in equal measure, but I have to give special kudos to Diesel’s pool table and Starbucks’ fireplace.

Local shops: There’s some chain food in Davis, but not much if any chain retail.  I especially like Magpie, D Squared, and Bowl & Board as representatives of the vibrant local business scene.  Sharp-eyed fashion blogger A even crossed the river from bizzaro-Davis fashion capital JP to visit Suneri boutique here.

Rounding out my top five is the double treat of the Kick Ass Dairy Bar and When Pigs Fly Bakery a bit outside the square proper on Highland.  I don’t care for those allegedly kick-ass cupcakes (and cupcakes are so last year anyway) but the fresh and local fare at the dairy bar and bakery are peerless.  A bakery that sells loaves whole or cut on the spot is a must-have for any neighborhood that wants to be called such.

Rome might be the Eternal City, but I will always return to Davis Square, the Paris of Somerville.