Five weeks ago I blogged about LinkedIn’s API policy, and I also applied to develop an application with their API.  I had no illusion that my idea was earth-shattering, but I thought it was a good one, and one that LinkedIn might even be able to monetize.  It was no iFart, that’s for sure (meaning it’s not a simple but highly appealing app that people inexplicably want)  So, what was LinkedIn’s reponse?

So far, absolutely nothing.  No acknowledgment of my submission, and no answer positive or negative.

Seems like further evidence to Tangyslice’s critque of LinkedIn as being not quite connected enough.  How likely is it that they’re so swamped with requests that they can’t even send me a “thanks but no thanks”?  Is five weeks too soon to wonder?  Is their form busted?  Did they fire the guy in charge of reveiwing these apps?  Could they be arrogant enough to think it’s not worth responding?

Perhaps it’s a cold calculation that if they sent me a rejection letter, I would post it to the blog and mock them for it.  I suppose they’d be right on that one.

I’ll submit again just to make sure there wasn’t a technical glitch, but I’m not feeling too bullish on LinkedIn apps right now.  Has anybody out there had more success in being accepted or even rejected by LinkedIn’s API Decider?