Four and a half views of the Moakley bridge illuminated

Tonight was supposedly the last night of Boston Illuminale (warning: annoying flash site, see also more photos on flickr), wherein several Boston sites were festooned with fancy lighting.  I didn't get to all the sites, but I'm not sure if they were all in fact illuminaled.  The Moakley bridge over the Fort Point channel was lit up in blue, but I thought that was a year-round thing.  Either way, here are some pics of the area.  Stay tuned for further shots of the more dramatic goings-on at the Northern Avenue bridge.

I'm pretty sure that's the planet Venus up there in the lower right picture, not any kind of extraterrestrial craft or paranormal phenomenon, but the spotlights were scanning the sky just in case.

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  2. The colors are gorgeous in your pictures, particularly the blues.
  3. Couldn't quite capture the purples we saw on the bridge, but they look good reflected in the water in the first pic...

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