Chickens and many other birds have an organ called a gizzard.  They use it to help grind up food since they don’t have teeth. This is why some birds swallow sand or small rocks.

It’s a fact.

Here’s another fact:  sometimes you can get gizzards at Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits in Kenmore square.

Reflecting on these facts, I was thinking that I might not ever have eaten a gizzard.  But then I discovered yet another fact: I have eaten dozens, possibly hundreds, of gizzards as a child.  How can this be, you ask?

Have you ever had a chicken pupik?  Aren’t they delicious?  Pupik generally means belly button.  Well guess what?  When you’re talking chickens, Pupik = Gizzard.  Who knew?  I guess it wouldn’t have taken too much thinking to realize that chickens probably don’t have belly buttons.

If you needed further evidence that poultry is a controlling force in the universe, it’s also a fact that the modern chicken evolved from the T. Rex.  I suspect that a T Rex didn’t need a gizzard, but I wonder what the modern limeduck evolved from?