Lunch with agile marketer Tangyslice and his buddy @JonBornstein at the Porter Exchange.  If you haven’t been to the Porter Exchange, you’re missing out.  It’s an old art deco Sears turned into a mall with a corridor of very authentic little Japanese restaurants inside.  We chose Ittyo more or less at random.

Six for $5?  How could we go wrong?  I hadn’t had takoyaki in a long time.

As promised, piping hot, crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside and crunchy inside that.  The octopus chunks were a pleasing shade of purple.  For the main, I had saba donburi, and the guys chose nabeyaki udon.

Very satisfying.  For extra points, check out the new gallery opened by the Art Institute of Boston inside the Porter Exchange.  Two exhibitions by Luba Lukova are on view now.