This might be the beginning of a new post-thanksgiving tradition. On this year’s black Friday, I met N for dim sum at Dim Sum Go Go near City Hall. DSGG has a funky mod color scheme, cartless service and quality generally a cut above that on offer at the giant hot & loud dim sum emporia I usually go for.

Full of thankful excess, we kept it light with pea pod stem dumplings, the enigmatically named “green dumplings”, steamed shrimp and duck dumplings. But one item in the fried column called out to me.  As you may recall, I have a thing for fried turnip cake, but given the season, it seemed a good idea to try #6, “Fried Pumkin Cakes”

pumkincakes.jpg pumpkincakes.jpg

I can’t say they were anywhere as amazing as good turnip cake can be, but they were sweet and satisfying.  I wouldn’t be entirely shocked to find that the chef had dumped a can of pumpkin pie filling onto the griddle, with just the barest dash of salt, but there was still something homey and appealing about them, reminiscent of that delicious afghan pumpkin preparation, kaddo.

I first discovered kaddo at Helmand, in Cambridge, where it comes vegetarian as a slab of candied pumpkin, or with a delicious meat sauce on top.  When dining with vegetarian friends, I often scheme to get the meaty version so I don’t have to share.  If you want to attempt making your own, here’s a recipe from a site with a name too good not to link to: kaddo at Habeas Brulee.