Gasp, runaway mambas! (anagram subway maps)

I write a lot for work and some for pleasure, and I enjoy a good game of Scrabble (more on the death of scrabulous another time) so I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I like a good anagram. One of my favorite sites is the Internet Anagram Server at, although I don't always like the output.

Anyway, imagine my delight when J brought back to my attention, the Anagram Subway Map, an odd mashup genre where people take transit maps and anagram the stops. I can now add to my two favorite Boston subway map variants, a third, anagrammed, version, apparently from this site, where you can buy CafePress items featuring it.

Maybe its just luck, or a cosmic joke, or something, but it seems that the quality and in some cases the appropriateness of the anagramming is very very high on this map. There are links to several others on BoingBoing and elsewhere, I'm sure.

Gotta wonder about taking a daily commute between Carnal Request and Divas and back. I hope the good folks at Strange Maps take note of this phenomenon.

Finally, I'll reproduce a droll bit wherein a wag anagrams the stops on New York City's 1 train, starting, oddly enough, at my home stop of 72nd street and heading North:

Damn Tyck Trees

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  1. Hi, Thanks for picking up my anagramed subway line. It was easy to think of this joke. My father liked to ask his friends to guess the next in a sequence. He would gvie them a list of street numbers for the west side station stops. When they failed to guess the "next number", he would say, "Dyckman Street."
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