I got one of those mysterious messages from Lyons Communications (the people that brought you news of the giant Concord cheese wheel) that more or less said, ”you’ve got to see the gozi” will who could resist such a come-on?  I set out last week with Sprout Lender and cookbook entrepreneur J for a preview at Piperi Mediterranean Grill, a lunch spot opening today a stone’s throw from the soon to be closed for two years Government Center station.

So, what’s is a gozi? I’d call it the love child of a crepe and either a pita or a paratha. Also, it’s the wrapper or accompaniment of most of Piperi’s offerings. Piperi describes it thusly:

Gozi is our signature bread, used for all our sandwiches. It’s a modern interpretation of Gözleme, a traditional hand-rolled pastry from Turkey. The baking process creates small circles in the dough resembling eyes—“göz” in Turkish. Gozi is a little thinner and a lot more flavorful (we think) than pita bread.

Piperi presses and grills gozi right before your göz.  Be sure to ask for a hot one. We sampled the chickpea fritter falafel and the chicken mezze plate:

Piperi offers a modular menu with basic wraps, salads and plates with your choice of protein or vegetables and a range of sides and extras.  The falafel was not overstuffed, which I for one think is a benefit, and the gozi serves well to contain it without interfering with the essential falafeltude. The mezze plate  – a lower carb concept – had juicy tender chicken and stand-out sides in a carrot salad and white bean tabouleh.  I predict good things for this place, a welcome addition to the lunchtime landscape.