You owe it to every skinless chicken breast, finger or nugget you’ve ever eaten to eat some chicken skin once in a while.  And now, possibly for a limited time, you can do just that at the Staff Meal truck.  They’re serving up some amazing tacos but it’s becoming clear that the breakout hit is the side of fried chicken skin, known to some as gribenes.  It’s fun to say and fun to eat. Gribenes.  Staff Meal serves them as an upgrade to chips, with guacamole in delicious lieu of fried onions for just $4 for a pretty full lunch-bag-sized portion.  The photo below shows just a couple of pieces, fried just right and crunchy, not greasy.

Oh yeah, there’s a taco on the left, too.  Speed Dogs didn’t show so we advanced the schedule and got tacos a day earlier than planned.  Staff Meal runs a lean and mean operation with just two men in the truck and five items on the menu.  That’s my kind of operational efficiency.  Above, “truck-made” chorizo, lime crema and radish on corn tortillas, also $4 and also spot-on delicious.  The menu changes frequently so dine early and often.