It’s the week after Halloween, and that means tons of leftover candy. Especially since it’s the stuff you couldn’t palm off on the young extortionists in costume, I usually don’t pay much attention. But this week, somebody left a bunch of Kit Kats in the office, and some of them had orange labels. And we all know that means peanut butter, right?


Wrong. These orange-wrapped Kit Kats are in fact “Halloween Kit Kat” and they are orange in color but not in flavor.  They’re not peanut butter, they’re not pumpkin pie, they’re not orange Creamsicle, they’re not even candied yam or cantaloupe flavored, they are white chocolate that’s been dyed orange.  It’s a bit like a wafers wrapped in a crayon.


This is so disappointing because I know they could have done so much better. In Japan, Kit Kats come in all sorts of seasonal varieties, many of them fruity. Even right here in the USA, there are candies in seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice, so why would Hershey phone in such a weak Halloween Kit Kat?

We gave the world the bacon chocolate bar, can we not put some real pumpkin flavor in a candy bar? Don’t America’s children deserve more squash in their goodie bags?