Happy New Year

Well, we've made another trip around the sun, just one of the possible significances of this year's new year card image.  In a break from historical practice, rather than using a photograph of some kind, I hand-painted one of these circles on each card.  Yes, I still insist on sending paper cards even though every year it gets more expensive to mail them and harder to gather the snail addresses of online friends. Whether you get a paper one or are just looking at this on your screen, I hope you enjoy it.


Happy new year everybody!

2 Responses

  1. Mailing address is 24 Grove Avenue, Hingham, MA 02043. I stopped doing holiday cards a while ago - even though I dabble in the fantastic photo card from time to time. What I prefer to create is the Leap-Year letter. This is a note to give people the four-year view of my life. It's infrequent. It's chock full of stories that seemingly (maybe only to me) have more weight for making the leap-year-letter cut. And it's noticeable because it's mailed out sometime in March or April. Settle down, it's not called the Punctuality Letter! A happy and safe 2010 to you and anyone who cares about canards.
  2. I just got the holiday card today. So did Charlie. Thanks for the holiday card, and great to hear from you again after the time void when you disappeared before x-mas last year.

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