Passing through one of Camberville’s lesser squares, Wilson Square, I ducked in to Aguacate Verde for a quick lunch with Professor M. A casual Mexican place with an emphasis on healthy choices and a specialization in Salvadorean Pupusas, Aguacate Verde has the feel of comfortable neighborhood place. M had a veggie burrito (bonus points for whole wheat tortilla) and had two tacos, one veggie and one al pastor.

Veggie and al pastor tacos at Aguate Verde in Wilson Square

Everything was fresh and flavorful, especially the pork in the al pastor and the beans in every dish. I guess I might have wanted more avocado in my veggie taco given the place’s name, but it’s hard to argue with these tacos’ value at $3 each.

As we were leaving, the woman behind the counter asked us to sign a petition in support of their application for a liquor license, which we did, and I encourage you to do the same when you visit Aguacate Verde, which I hope you do soon. The lack of a liquor license can really hurt the dinner business of a place like this. I’d hate to lose a source of such nice tacos, pupusas and tamales for want of a cerveza.