Into the category of “why didn’t I think if that” falls Food 2.0: Nom Nom Nom, a London event last month wherein food bloggers, food photographers, food journalists & authors, everyday regular cooks, influential bloggers & senior members of leading UK based internet companies met up, mashed up, and made up dishes in an Iron Chef style smackdown. All for a good cause, Action Against Hunger UK.

Until we have food 2.0 here in the states, I urge you all to vote for my transoceanic colleages on team #7, the Cream Team. You know, like Dream Team. I know… Just go with it and vote for them, ok? Need further proof of their creamy excellence? Observe the sketch and the realization of the Tartiflette:

The Plan

And there’s more on their flickr site (Jonno is the only person I know who has more food photos in his phone than I do, and Kai’s food flickr is epic) but you really should vote first… Nom Nom Nom…