I can see the Eiffel Tower from my hotel room window

It's right under the giant lamp that made me keep the curtains drawn all night.

See it?

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  1. [...] I can recommend two three-star hotels within a few blocks of the Hilton at a quarter the price. They might not be as fancy, but the value for the money is much greater, and you are the master of your own room’s temperature destiny. Hotel La Bourdonnais and Hotel Relais Bosquet are both convenient to a wonderful little corner bakery (Rue Bosquet at Rue Champs de Mars) and an excellent country-style restaurant, Au Petit Sud-Ouest, where every table has its own toaster and the menu is chock full of canard and the cellar full of Bordeaux.  With neighbors like those, I don’t see much need for a lounge.  WiFi is free at Bosquet and for fee via Swisscomm at Bourdonnais.  Additionally, some of the rooms at the Bosquet have a partial view of the Eiffel Tower. [...]

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