And not just the red ones, either. With all this always on equipment around the house, I don’t need night lights anymore, I can find my way around by the light of various LEDs, even ones on “standby” or allegedly switched off appliances. On the other hand, it’s getting harder and harder to sleep through all this indoor light pollution.

Inkjet printer, cable modem, charging macbook, android phone,
Cordless handvac, bluetooth speaker, AM/FM, coffee maker,
HEPA filter, vaporizer, extra screen, Kindle Fire.
Their lights are burning while I’m tossing, turning…

A good start are these brilliant (sic) LightDims things, little self-adhesive bits of translucent grayness that dull the LEDs, They’re great on simple flat surfaces, but some of these lights are in weird sculpted housings and I think it’s going to take some electrical tape or plain old black paint to do the job.