I still heart film’s weirdness and beauty

I got the film back from Italy and fell in love with the grain all over again. I think it happens every time I get back a batch of vacation film, see also here. Can your digital camera do this?

Yes, I know the highlights are blown out and the shadows are gone. I'm not interested in perfection, I'm interested in art, in chemistry, in magic. Can any digital camera do this?

Full disclosure: Tri-X negative scanned to hi-res JPG then cropped and level-corrected, but just a tiny bit. Sure, you probably can get that from a digital photo with more manipulation, and sure, you can see the artifacts along with the grain. But just you wait 'till I scan some of those negatives to uncompressed formats...

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  1. LKB
    I heart film too. Keep buying that Kodak! Good to see you - lkb

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