The usually estimable folks at Apartment Therapy seem to have published their April Fools day item a couple of weeks late with a piece on home offices inside bathrooms.  While the reporting is a gently mocking, the fact remains they’re covering bathrooms so large that they have desks and workspaces in them. Isn’t humidity kind of a problem for your files?

One of the things I like about Apartment Therapy is the focus on smaller homes and apartments. I know hardly anybody with a bathroom big enough for anything extra, and those that have it tend to go for steam showers or whirlpool tubs, not desks and chairs.

Many people enjoy a good read on the toilet (some even take calls there) or in the bathtub, and we all know that LBJ liked to take meetings on the can, but seriously, isn’t this absurd opulence and bathroom fixation just the sort of thing that caused the decline and fall of the Roman empire?

I wonder if the AT crew saw this on SNL just last week…