This morning, like many Sunday mornings, I headed down Mass Ave to what’s always a difficult brunch choice, Mariposa Bakery on the right, and Cafe Luna on the left.   Today I went left.

Cafe Luna has spiffed up a bit of late, and I definitely approve.  When I arrived near 11am, it was close to empty but by noon there was a line out front.  They have a full brunch menu, but I tend to stick with the smaller savory items, such as the breakfast sandwich (bacon egg and cheese with spinach grilled on a ciabatta, $4.95) or the healthy wrap (egg whites, spinach, cheese and roasted red pepper in a whole wheat wrap, $4.95) and of course coffee.

Cafe Luna is also the source of some fine gelato and free wifi, and they have a scrabble set too.  I will forgive them for once stocking “puffo” flavor.

Sunday brunch is augmented by live jazz most weeks.  The usual combo seems to be Hiro Honshuku’s Trio La Luna, with Honshuku on flute and EWI, Casper Gyldensøe on guitar, and Alex Raymond Busby Smith on bass.  Last time I was there a quartet was playing but I didn’t get their name.  If you can ID them, I’d be hapy to link, they were quite good.

If you arrive early, don’t get too comfortable in the window, that’s where the band will start setting up.