Last week, I spent an engaging hour at True Grounds with the estimable YobYot (or is that yoByoT?) who wrote an embarrassingly nice post about that day on his own blog.  It’s shameful that I only just noticed.  I won’t bore you with the details of two guys geeking out and telling one another how great their glasses look, but I will bore you with an update on my ongoing quest to preserve and restore cafe Scrabble sets.

Since I had spied True Grounds‘ Scrabble set on a prior visit, I returned today to audit it.  The set’s general condition was good, the box intact and the original tile sack present.  Oddly, there were more than the regulation four tile racks, but sadly and typically, tiles were missing, eight of them to be exact: B L L M P P R U.  That’s 100% of the Ps if you’re minding them.

What makes this set special is the inscription on the corner of the board showing that KB donated the set to True Grounds on July 28, 2008, just a few months after my first cafe Scrabble audit and top-up.  Losing only 8 tiles in four plus years is pretty good based on what I’ve seen at other cafes.  Maybe I’m not the only one looking out for this set.  KB should be proud.  I will drop off replacement tiles soon.