Kneidlach, kreplach

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  1. I don't need instructions. I know the difference! BUT, I did have an accounting professor whose wife was also an accounting professor (both PhDs!) and they had their 2 twin sons rename their right and left hands debit and credit. Or was it their left and right hands. Damn...I never was very good at accounting. - Z
  2. Actually, to be very precise, the one on a left is a kneidl. That's the singular. KneidlACH is the plural. Same with the one on the right-- it's a krepl. Kreplach would be the plural. That said, I love kreplach so much. There is just nothing better than a dense sphere of carbsoliciousness. Nothing.
  3. Ever so true, but since you can't eat just one, I figured the singular was moot.
  4. [...] the many reasons I did not win this spelling bee is that I would have spelled it kneidl. A quick tour of the internets and the comments in the above-referenced Forward article also come [...]

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