Last purchases from Bob Slate

Yesterday, I popped in at the Church Street Bob Slate Stationers, which will close forever this Sunday.  The other two branches will follow a week or two later. I bought these items.

Mini Binder Clips, 1/4" capacity, box of 12, Charles Leonard Inc, Hauppauge, NY, made in China.  $0.95
Dozens of household and office uses.  I keep some in the kitchen for keeping bags shut.

Received of Petty Cash pad, Tops form # 3008, made in USA. $1.25
I have no earthly use for this.  I don't know how long it's been since I even saw a "petty cash" box in use.

Tags with string, 12, $0.69
Tags.  String.  Unpackaged but for a rubber band.  Price and quantity hand-written in pencil.

Erasing shield, C-Thru Ruler Company, Boomfield, CT, made in China.  $1.25
To protect your architectural drawing when using a mechanical eraser.  Does anybody still make architectural drawings on paper?  I last touched one of these in 1991 when I bought it for a fellow architecture studio student who had helped me study for a dreadful art history exam.

Pilot Razor Point pen, dark blue, $0.95
I don't actually much care for this sort of pen, but the sparkly plastic barrel and yellow top to the cap are utterly unchanged from 35 years ago when my mother kept a bunch of them in different colors in a long wooden drawer in the old sewing machine table.

I received a rare Guam quarter in my change and later noticed that I had been undercharged by a dollar.


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  1. Noooooo! Bob Slate is one of the nicest stationers around! Does this mean we have to go to Staples from now on? Augh!
  2. Ron Newman
    After reading this post, I walked by all three stores this afternoon, looked at the signs on each one, and bought a few things (envelopes, a pencil sharpener, an artgum eraser) at the Porter Square store. 63 Church Street "will close permanently" at 5 pm on Sunday, March 20. 1288 Mass. Ave. "is scheduled to close" at 5 pm on Sunday, March 27. The Porter Square store, 1975 Mass. Ave. will stay open through April "until there's nothing left". I'm guessing that they will consolidate unsold merchandise from the two Harvard Square stores into this store for a final closeout sale.
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