Yesterday, I popped in at the Church Street Bob Slate Stationers, which will close forever this Sunday.  The other two branches will follow a week or two later. I bought these items.

Mini Binder Clips, 1/4″ capacity, box of 12, Charles Leonard Inc, Hauppauge, NY, made in China.  $0.95
Dozens of household and office uses.  I keep some in the kitchen for keeping bags shut.

Received of Petty Cash pad, Tops form # 3008, made in USA. $1.25
I have no earthly use for this.  I don’t know how long it’s been since I even saw a “petty cash” box in use.

Tags with string, 12, $0.69
Tags.  String.  Unpackaged but for a rubber band.  Price and quantity hand-written in pencil.

Erasing shield, C-Thru Ruler Company, Boomfield, CT, made in China.  $1.25
To protect your architectural drawing when using a mechanical eraser.  Does anybody still make architectural drawings on paper?  I last touched one of these in 1991 when I bought it for a fellow architecture studio student who had helped me study for a dreadful art history exam.

Pilot Razor Point pen, dark blue, $0.95
I don’t actually much care for this sort of pen, but the sparkly plastic barrel and yellow top to the cap are utterly unchanged from 35 years ago when my mother kept a bunch of them in different colors in a long wooden drawer in the old sewing machine table.

I received a rare Guam quarter in my change and later noticed that I had been undercharged by a dollar.